Ishidatami-Seiryū-en Park

The clear creek running through the water mill wrapped in deep green

From the roofed Shimizu-gawa Bridge the water wheel can be seen

The Seiryu (clear water) Park with a transparent stream is worthy of its name

Where watermills stand along the river, good old Japan is still alive

The picturesque scenery refreshes heart and mind.

Until around 1955 still as many as 30 water wheels were turning in the Fumoto River. In order to restore the nostalgic landscape people of the region reproduced some water mills for the "Ishidatami Seiryu-en Park". So far three mills have been installed, to make the good old landscape of Japan complete. The nostalgic scenes of flowing water turning the rumbling watermills are unforgettable. You can go into the watermill-hut, and see how rice is polished with water wheel power the traditional way. The green park has promenades as well as a place to rest.

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Ishidatami-Seiryū-en Park
Address Ishidatami, Uchiko-cho, Kita-gun, Ehime, Japan
TEL 0893-44-3790(Uchiko Town Visitors Center )
Parking Parking Available / 10 car capacity(Free)

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