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Terraced Rice Fields of Izumidani

Certified as one of "Japans best 100 rice terraces"

Great view! The terraced rice fields of Izumidani

95 rice terraces spread out on 4 hectares of northwestern slopes, at an average altitude of 470m.
From the stone walls between the rice terraces a beautiful scenery of fresh green spreads out, and the cool summer breeze flowing through the valley is pleasantly cooling.

Tanada rice field Ownership System

Refresh yourself and connect with nature, through a farming experience!

The rice terraces have excellent features, such as flood control and environmental conservation, etc., and invite to personally experience farm work (for rice cultivation) such as planting, weeding or harvesting as recreational activity. Local farmers will be pleased to help you with the individual tasks, even complete beginners can join with confidence. At the harvest in autumn you may take 1 bag of rice (30kg) back home. Rice made on rice terraces is of finest quality and especially delicious. Please, don't hesitate to try once for yourself!

In summer you can plant rice here
The long-awaited harvest in the fall
You will be able to eat rice that you have planted and harvested all by yourself

Rice Terraces Preservation Society in Izumidani

Let us carefully protect the beautiful terraced rice fields, made with great effort of our predecessors, so that we can hand them over to the next generation was what motivated local residents to found this Society.

The landscape of the rice terraces is beautiful and full of flowers, with rhododendron and iris blooming in spring, and amaryllis in autumn. By all means, please come for a visit.
Representative Mr. Kamioka

Why is rice from rice terraces so delicious?

1. Because of the large temperature difference between day and night; compared to rice fields on flat land, the rice matures more slowly here.

2. And because the water sources near to the rice fields supply fresh and clean water that contains many valuable nutrients.

3. The land is narrow and it is not possible to use mechanical dryers, so the rice is mainly dried by the sun, and so dries slower.

You can order rice from the rice terraces here

Access to the Terraced Rice Fields of Izumidani

Uchiko Ikazaki Interchange

 ↓ National Route 56

Uchiko Town Hall Main Branch

 ↓ National Route 56

Terraced Rice Fields of Izumidani

Sightseeing course around the Izumidani rice terraces

JR Uchiko Station

Departure according to the information from the tourist information center "Tabirian" at the station!

 ↓ About 2 km (About 4 min)

Toyoakigawara Riverbed

A very pleasant walk, where you can feel the wind blowing along the river! Good for your heart.

 ↓ About 8 km (About 16 min)

Momiji-ga-taki waterfall

Bathing in the cool air at the waterfall in the forest relaxes body and mind!

 ↓ About 6 km (About 12 min)

Terraced Rice Fields of Izumidani

Artfully stacked up rice terraces supported by stone walls. Please enjoy the different look for each season.

 ↓ About 1 km (About 2 min)

Darari Gongen Shrine

You go up using ladders and chains, but the view from the top is fantastic!

Introduction of beautiful sightseeing spots nearby

Nearby sightseeing spot1

Mt. Ishizuchi worship place - Darari Gongen

Magnificent view from the “Darari Gongen" mountain shrine

Reaching this small shrine on top of a huge rock requires some mountain climbing. But the view from here is great, you can see the town and distant mountain range clearly. Enjoy the wonderful scenery changing from season to season.

Nearby sightseeing spot2

The 17m "Autumn Leaves Waterfall" - Momiji-ga-taki

Looking and listening to the water gently splashing down relaxes and delights the senses.

The beautiful waterfall appears when you stroll down the promenade surrounded by untouched nature. Enjoy the fresh green in spring, and the autumn leaves in fall. To really feel the mysterious spectacle that nature created, you may go very close to the water coming down.

Nearby sightseeing spot3

Running through the ages - the route of Sakamoto Ryoma

The site of the lodge where Ryoma stayed

The famous historical figure Ryoma Sakamoto, left the Tosa domain after he became a lordless samurai and at that time rushed on this road toward the Choshu domain. The Izumigatoge Pass, which was a busy traffic point on the Tosa Kaido Road, is supposed to be the place where he first stopped for the night after leaving his domain. The following day he supposedly continued down the Oda River to the Seto Inland Sea to sail to the Choshu domain (now Yamaguchi).

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Terraced Rice Fields of Izumidani
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