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Substantial course with a paid guide

Showing the full charm of Uchiko

Uchiko Nekiaruki (walking tours)

In the dialect of western Japan and also of Uchiko Ne-Ki means "near" or "neighborhood". The original "town walk" means strolling through the charming and nostalgic "Ne-Ki" of Uchiko. There are many courses to choose from: a course for walking around the town in small alleys, a slow walking course through the idyllic woodlands or courses along the river through the nostalgic landscape.

For seeing all of Uchiko enjoy the "Town walk"

Ne-Ki in the local dialect means "near" and "Ne-Ki walk" is the name of a "town walk" that will make you sense the typical Uchiko-ness with your whole body.
If you are walking, for example, with the special "Ne-ki walk" guide through the traditional streets, you will not only get to know the different buildings, but also the way of life of the people who live there. In addition, by entering from the main street during the "Ne-Ki walk" into the side streets where the people actually live, you will experience the history, culture as well as the charming sides of the town in everyday life.
Furthermore, the "Ne-Ki walk" not only leads you through the streets, you will be also able to visit dozens of households in the various villages. And there is also the "Ne-Ki walk" along the river. Get immersed in the scenery of Uchiko, and enjoy the "Ne-Ki walk" that will connect you to the people who live here.

(Left) experience the unique Sedawa alleys
(Top right) the special guide leading you to meet the local people
(Lower right) the special guide talks about the charm of the mountain hamlets

Ne-Ki walk participants wanted!

The special "Ne Ki walk" guide is waiting for your participation to show you around.

Reservation Please apply 3 days before the desired date.
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Uchiko Nekiaruki (walking tours) Introduction to all 7 courses

* Please understand that courses may be changed or canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Townscape course

  • Entry fee:2000 yen (including tea)
  • Travel Time:120 minutes
  • Description:Townscape course for experiencing the traditional culture in the streets of Uchiko and the Uchiko-za theater. Strolling through town to explore the remaining traces of the former local industries.
Townscape course >>

Sedawa course

  • Entry fee:2000 yen (including tea)
  • Travel Time:90 minutes
  • Description:Walking course through the Sedawa alleys of the "Important Traditional Architecture Preservation District" Japans, to explore the towns' culture and way of life.
Sedawa course >>

Uchikobito course

  • Entry fee:2000 yen
  • Travel Time:90 minutes
  • Description:A course to visit historic sites related to the ancestors of Uchiko, like those who built Uchiko-za theater, and a doctor who strove to raise youths.
Uchikobito course >>

Ishidatami Village-scape Course

  • Entry fee:2000 yen (including meals)
  • Travel Time:90 minutes
  • Description:A tour of the Ishidatami district where about 300 people live in order to feel the rural culture from your own experience. After the stroll, how about handmade Ishidatami Soba (Buckwheat noodles)?
    (only Sat & Sun)
Ishidatami Village-scape Course >>

Ryugu course

  • Entry fee:1000 yen (including tea)
  • Travel Time:60 minutes
  • Description:Course focused on the Oda River, a tributary of the Hiji water system in the western part of Ehime. Explore the concept of natural water engineering on foot.
Ryugu course >>

Okubi Mountain course

  • Entry fee:500 yen
  • Travel Time:60 minutes
  • Description:The Okubi-district is at 400m above sea. Located almost in the center of the town, it has a superb viewing spot. Located almost in the center of the town, it has a superb viewing spot. Strolling around the pond.
Okubi Mountain course >>

Ikazaki washi course

  • Entry fee:1000 yen (including tea)
  • Travel Time:120 minutes
  • Description:Starting from Ryuo Park where you can overlook the town, walk along the river bank from the kite museum to the washi paper factory. One of the recommended walks is to enjoy reading haiku inscribed on poem monuments which are dotted throughout the town.
Ikazaki washi course >>

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