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EST OSAKA - UMEDA Gourmet Guide


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Kobe Motomachi Annex Mondouden
Cantonese food

■ Business hours
AM 11: 00 ~ PM 10: 00
(Last order PM 9: 00)


Kobe's famous shops continue to be loved by the nation's food connections. You can enjoy Cantonese cuisine with elegant taste, centering on marine products. We offer a wide range of dishes from popular menu such as "Yakisoba" and "fried rice" to fine cuisine.

· Non-smoking seat · Smoking seat · Reservable · Take out available

Map E 27
Negiyaki Yamato
Negi-yaki · Okonomiyaki

■ Business hours
AM 11: 30 to PM 10: 00

■ Fixed holiday irregular holiday


Boasting more than 50 years of founding, it is a shop of Negiyaki origin. A traditional taste that puts onions and puts soy sauce based sauce on soft cloth that was baked softly is now being enjoyed by many customers as "Osaka's taste".

· Non-smoking seat · Reservable · Take out available

Map E 29
Mita noodle shop
Tsukemen specialty store

■ Business hours
AM 11: 00 ~ AM 2: 00


"Mita noodle shop" develops 13 stores in Tokyo as the leading brand of Tsukemen. Homemade thick extreme noodles that do not allow compromise together, scented osmanthus, Kosi, characterized by rich pork bone fish and soup which pulled out the pork bone and the deliciousness of fish and shellfish to the limit. Because it is a Tsukemen specialty shop, please taste real gift noodles that you can taste.

·Non smoking seat

Map E 30
Kyoto Kyoshi
Japanese food and alcohol

■ Business Hours Sunday, Public Holidays, Monday - Thursday
AM 11: 00 ~ PM 3: 00 (last order PM 2: 00),
PM 5: 00 ~ PM 11: 30 (last order [food] PM 10: 30 [drink] PM 11: 00)

Friday, Saturday, the day before public holiday
AM 11: 00 ~ PM 3: 00 (last order PM 2: 00),
PM 5: 00 ~ AM 0: 00 (last order [food] PM 11: 00 [drink] PM 11: 30)


The atmosphere of Kyo no Machiya, a relaxing Japanese atmosphere and a hospitable hospitality in a modern space. Cooking chefs from Kaisei use plenty of Kyoto vegetables / seasonal ingredients and will make you heartily.

- Smoking seat - Reservable


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BARBARA market place Grand Royal
Restaurant Bar

■ Business hours
AM 11: 00 to AM 0: 00
(Last order PM 11: 00)

■ Fixed holiday irregular holiday


If you take one step into the store, there is a lively market in Europe. More than 200 kinds of drinks, over 100 kinds of tapas (small plate dishes), and stone kiln dishes cooked in authentic stone kiln are attractive restaurant bars.

- Smoking seat - Reservable

※ Restaurant opening hours vary depending on the store.