Daiei. Tax-free Shopping Guide

<Who cans shop tax-free?>

Visitors with a temporary stay status are eligible for tax-free shopping.
* Japanese citizens are not eligible.
* Not eligible if you are working in Japan.
* Not eligible if staying in Japan more than six months.

<Tax-free items>

・General goods (clothing, bags, consumer electronics, etc.): ¥5,399 or above (tax-inclusive)

・Consumables (food, cosmetics, medical products, etc.): ¥5,399 or above (tax-inclusive)

<How to shop tax-free?>

[1] Please pay for the products at respective counters (on each floor).

[2] If you seek tax exemption, please visit our service counter with your purchases and receipts.

[3] Please show your passport. If you don’t have a passport, the tax exemption procedure is not available.

<After shopping>

The store affixes a purchase proof document in your passport,and you must keep this. This document will be collected by a custom office at
your departure from Japan. You must take the purchased products out of Japan. For food, medicine and cosmetics,the package must be kept


・In principle, the tax exemption application is accepted only on the tax of the purchase.

・Items can not be returned or exchanged after the tax exemption procedure is completed.

・You cannot add items once your tax refund is processed

・Chilled and frozen foods are not tax-free because their quality cannot be guaranteed.

・Some items are not tax-free pursuant to Japanese law.

・Items that will be consumed in Japan are not tax-free.

・Please pay separately for the products you intend to consume within Japan.

・We do not handle tax refunds of purchases by diplomats